Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Scotia Personnel Experience

Going to an Italy summer camp was an experience I will never forget. Thanks to Scotia Personnel Ltd. I not only got to fulfill one of my biggest dreams of going to Italy I was able to find a job at a summer camp so I could spend my time working with children, another passion of mine. Another perk to working abroad is travelling and Italy was one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. I will never forget the warm sun, smells of the most delicious pastries in the air and seeing renaissance art in person. Scotia Personnel Ltd. gave me a dream come true in Italy.


I began my journey as a counselor and moved on to becoming an English teacher as I had previous experience and loved being able to educate the children about my language and culture. I received cards from my students at the end of their camp time and it touched my heart hearing about how they enjoyed my classes and learning with me.


To experience another culture is one thing when you are visiting a foreign Country, however, I got to live like the Italian people and learn new things that changed my life in a positive and rewarding way. I made friends not only with the other counselors and teachers from all over the world but I also made friends with the Italian people that I still keep in contact with today. Scotia Personnel Ltd. gave me the chance to make friendships I will cherish forever.


Scotia Personnel Ltd. gave me the chance to cook real Italian pizzas with the children, ride horses on a daily basis and teach lessons to children wanting to discover my Canadian culture and the English language. My days off were filled with strolls through the ancient city of Rome, boat rides down the Grand Canal of Venice and enjoying Gelato and shopping in the street markets of Florence. I feel like the company (Scotia Personnel Ltd.) really cares about its clients and helps them find the chance to fulfill their dreams.


The whole process with the company (Scotia Personnel Ltd.) was very easy because they listened to what I was looking for and were quick to help me achieve it. I was always able to reach an employee when I had questions and they were always helpful with anything I needed. I found them to be professional and caring which also contributed to making the whole process go so smoothly. As a result of this experience I made a decision to attend University and achieve a degree in Communications. I cannot say enough wonderful things about my experiences abroad and I owe Scotia Personnel so many thanks for giving me this opportunity and memories that will last a lifetime. Without their help I would have never been able to see and live the true Italian experience.


One of my favorite places I got to visited while I was travelling and working abroad was Malta. I would like to share some pictures of this amazing little Country with you:

It was only a short ferry ride from Italy but such a different culture and sights to behold were in Malta! I had such a great time and because I had met another girl at the summer camp I was at who lived in Malta I also was given an apartment for free to stay in while I was visiting her!!!
For those wanting more information check out the Scotia Personnel Ltd facebook page. You can find it here: It has lots of great photos from people who have travelled around the globe and lots of comments to read!
Here are a few more of my Italian experience photos!!!

Here I have added some photos from my visit to Switzerland! I was so lucky that I got to see a few different Countries while I was working abroad!!! Going to a real life castle was a really exciting experience!